How long has the site been vacant?

Walmart vacated the Walmart Supercenter (originally Hypermart) in May 2008.  In December 2009, Walmart sold the property to a Limited Partnership in a conveyance that included 25-year deed restrictions.  The property was then sold to a developer who unsuccessfully sought to have the property zoned to allow for mini-warehouse storage.  That developer eventually offered the property to the City, which purchased it for below its market-appraised value in 2017.

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1. How long has the site been vacant?
2. What are some of the site's potential uses?
3. What kinds of deed restrictions are imposed on the existing Garland Avenue gateway site?
4. What is the Garland Foundation for Development?
5. What is the role of the Garland Foundation for Development with the Garland Avenue gateway location?
6. How can I share my thoughts on the future development of the Garland Avenue gateway site?