city Surveyor

Services Provided

As an integral part of the Engineering Department, the City of Garland Survey Division provides services to various City departments, as well as providing a resource to the City Manager’s office and the City Council for information relating to Right-of-Way and other City properties. The Survey Division also produces, maintains and publishes benchmark and geodetic control networks for public and private use.

Survey Requests

In addition to fulfilling the Surveying needs of these different departments, the Survey Division is assigned the task of surveying or reviewing the work of contract surveyors, for City Bond programs. Surveying requests include:

  • Topographic and Site Surveys for Engineering or Architectural design
  • Right-of-Way and Boundary for Streets, Alleys, Utility access or any other accession when the City requires the purchase of land in Fee Simple, Absolute
  • Field investigation of suspected encroachments or other boundary questions
  • Construction measure ups for contractor’s final payment
  • Route and Alignment (Utilities, streets, alleys, etc.)
  • Location surveys for Statute specific applications (i.e.: Sexually Oriented Businesses)

Additional Tasks

Additional tasks assigned to Surveying Division which may not entail field surveys include, but are not limited to:

  • Subdivision Plat Review
  • Archival Research in response to requests from various departments, private citizens and consultants
  • Survey control review for Civil Engineering Plans submitted for private development
  • Field Note Review (boundary descriptions prepared for the City by outside consultants) for;
    • City Limits (Annexation, disannexation)
    • Easement acquisition
    • License Agreements
    • Right-of-way acquisition
  • Preparation of Easements, Drawings, and other documents

Level of Service

The City Surveyor also provides professional opinions and expert testimony for several departments within the City. Additionally, this office provides a peer review of the work submitted by professional surveyors in the private sector to ensure compliance with Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying rules and regulations as well as specific City contract provisions.

The Survey Division is dedicated to sustaining the high level of service it has historically provided to the City of Garland and its citizens.